Jack comes to the race for the 26th Senate Seat with a deep and varied business career. Following his graduation from the University of Virginia and post graduate work at Dartmouth College Jack practiced as an investment banker, asset manager and private investor.  Raising funding for technology, real estate and manufacturing companies has given him in depth knowledge of the factors critical to success in a variety of disciplines.

Having sought out opportunities to serve on business and non-profit boards, Jack played an important role in the growth of multiple organizations.  His most personally rewarding work came from leading a charity that helped 5,000 high schoolers per year go to college. That experience gave him a deep understanding of many aspects of secondary and college education, and the importance of providing the next generation with an opportunity to succeed.

His run for the Senate Seat in the 26th District is motivated by his desire to use his analytical and leadership experience to keep the District and Utah the great place that it is.  Specifically he is highly motivated to protect the State and the District from Federal government overreach. He deeply believes that decisions are best made at the closest point of impact.